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These beautiful bowls enable you to walk about while creating the enchanting sound that only a pure quartz crystal singing bowl can provide. These Walkabout crystal bowls have a an easy grip, wide handle of pure quartz crystal fused to the base of the bowl. Not only can you move about freely with these bowls, but you also gain the benefit of feeling the sound travel up both your arms - the arm that is holding the crystal handle and the arm that is using the striker. Whenever we believe that we are playing a bowl for the benefit of others, we are, of course, giving ourselves a tune-up in the process, as the pure vibrations enter our bodies!

ALL of the Walkabout bowls that we sell now are OPTICALLY clear bowls. These are quite different from other clear handle bowls that you might see. We decided to sell ONLY the optically clear because they are so superior in tone, resonance, sustain and visual beauty.

Another major advantage of these optically clear Walkabout bowls is that the handles are integrally fused to the body of the bowl AT THE SAME TIME as the bowl is produced. (Some other kinds of handle bowls have the handle added later.) These bowls also have a fabulous, easy grip handle. These are very wider handles and provide excellent adherence to the body of the bowl and also provide a comfortable, well-balanced grip for you.

These bowls are so incredibly resonant that they ring for a long time when you just thump them with your finger. Of course, we do also provide a striker.

Remember, these are the optically clear bowls, not the clear ones that had a slight haze to their surface. And more big news is that these are priced significantly lower than they used to be! We are now able to sell the 7 inch Optically Clear Walkabout for only $299, a price drop of $70 from the previous $369. The other sizes in Walkabouts are 5.75, 6, and even a giant 8 inches! The 5.75 inch is the highest pitched, and many people like it for shattering patterns and serious clearing. It is priced starting at $199. The 6 inch Optically Clear Walkabout Handle Bowl is a bit louder and vibrates really well. It is priced at $229 and is an excellent choice if you do not want to go over this amount. The 7 inch Walkabout has beautiful overtones, and incredible resonance pours from these bowls - the sonic equivalent of ripples flowing across a pond - and is priced at $299. The large 8 inch Optically Clear Walkabout is the largest clear handle bowl that anyone offers. It is even more resonant, as just from a physics standpoint, you can see that more mass holds the vibration for a longer duration. The 8 inch Walkabout is $369. The 6, 7, and 8 inch Optically Clear Walkabout bowls are the premier choice for working close to someone's head or ears - remarkable resonance without being overpowering. The 5.75 inch Note G is powerful for overall clearing, and at $199 is well within most people's budgets.

This is the 7 inch Optically Clear Walkabout in the Note E. Notice the yellow stones that are in the handle. Each bowl's handle is filled with stones that match that Chakra note's color. The stones are removeable and you may also insert affirmations or other small stones. This is an old picture of a prototype bowl, and now the handle is much wider and has a lot more stones inside.

We also have an enormous new supply of OPTICALLY CLEAR bowls that do not have handles. So we're putting one here in case you are also interested in those. Here's a picture of a 7 inch Optically Clear quartz bowl that does NOT have a handle. The picture is just to show you how clear they are.

We specialize in crystal healing, music therapy sets of quartz crystal singing bowls at discount prices. The ultimate meditation music!