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There are many beautiful choices in crystal bowls!

Travel Cases, Carrying Case for Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls
  New style of carrying cases
The outside is golden tan microfiber ultrasuede type fabric. The inside is eggplant color satin - a maroon-purple. Each case has an outside striker pocket, two handle straps, a zippered top with concealed zipper, and thickly padded sides, top, and bottom.

Walkabout Practitioner Bowls with Handles
  3 Sizes of Walkabout Crystal Bowls
The largest with the orange stones in the handle is an 8 inch bowl in the Note D. The bowl lying on its side is a 6 inch bowl in the Note A for the Third Eye. The Heart bowl has the green stones and is the 7 inch size.

14 inch Frosted Quartz Bowl with an Angel Trumpet from our garden
  14 inch Frosted Bowl

  7 inch Optically Clear Quartz Crystal Singing Bowl
This has a huge sound with many overtones, a characteristic of the clear bowls. Clear bowls are best played when balanced on the fingertips or palm of the hand. The sound is full and angelic.

  8 inch Walkabout crystal singing bowl with handle - Note D
Each Walkabout bowl has an easy grip handle that is filled with tumbled quartz in the color that matches the note of the bowl. Here it is orange for the Sacral Chakra, the Note D.

  Singing bowls set up for a ceremony
The largest bowl here is a 16 inch diameter one, and the smallest crystal bowl is an 8 inch. Also shown is one of our high quality antique metal Tibetan bowls.

  5.75 inch Optically Clear Walkabout Pure Crystal Handle Bowl
Walkabout pure quartz crystal singing bowls with handles are available in 4 diameters - 5, 6, 7, and 8 inches. The larger the bowl, the deeper the sound. Each handle is filled with tumbled quartz, which may be removed, so that the tip of the handle may be placed onto someone, or so that prayers or affirmations may be inserted.

  12 inch Frosted Bowl

  Optically Clear Walkabout Crystal Singing Bowl
This shows the thick, easy grip handle, exclusive to these wonderful Walkabout bowls.

All the handle Walkabout bowls are now pure clear quartz crystal. We still like this old picture, where somebody was sure it was for his favorite treat!

  Clear and Frosted Crystal Singing Bowls
Moving clockwise from the Clear one closest to you: 6 inch Clear, another 6 inch, 14 inch Frosted, 10 inch Clear, 12 inch Frosted, 9 inch Clear, 8 inch Clear. 10 inch Frosted in the center.

  14" Frosted Bowl - Note D - 2nd Chakra

  14" Frosted Bowl - Note B - Crown Chakra

  14 inch Frosted Crystal Singing Bowl - Note C - Base Chakra
Frosted quartz crystal bowls are slightly textured or "frosted" on the outside, but on the inside they are smooth and shiny like glass. Do you see how the trees overhead are reflected in the shiny inside surface? And all frosted bowls are translucent, allowing light to shine through them.

  12" Frosted Bowl - Note C - Root Chakra

  10" Frosted Crystal Bowl - Note G - Throat Chakra

  16" Frosted Crystal Bowl - Note G - Throat Chakra

  18" Frosted Crystal Bowl - Note E - Solar Plexus Chakra

  24" Frosted Bowl

  22 inch Frosted Quartz Crystal Bowl - Note D

  Optional Rubber Ball Strikers
These strikers are great for the larger bowls. They are listed in our Online Store under "Accessories and Strikers".

  Suede bowl strikers/mallets
One of these is included with each bowl.

  Large 7 inch Metal Tibetan Bowl
These metal bowls are available in medium 6 inch and large 7 inch. Excellent sound!

  7 inch Optically Clear Quartz Walkabout Singing Bowl
This is the most resonant clear Walkabout bowl. The ultimate tool for body work and sound healing. Priced at $299. The stones in the handle match the Chakra color. This bowl is the Note E, for the Solar Plexus. This is an old style bowl - the handle is much wider now and contains more stones, as well as being easier to hold.

  Papa Bowl and Baby Bowl
They are not routinely making 24 inch bowls anymore, but we just like this picture from a few years back.

We specialize in crystal healing, music therapy sets of quartz crystal singing bowls at discount prices. The ultimate meditation music!